Capture the Flag for the digital age

We believe that through shared knowledge and learning we can help make a difference to your business and your customers.

We recognise the securty landscape is both broad and deep. Traditional methodoligies and approaches to security and training has had limited success. Cyber security can seem like magic when the hoods are up and the methods are kept in the dark.

PwnDefend as a brand was born as a community concept of delivering knnowledge, awareness and educaton through the medium of Capture The Flag (CTF) games. These games are designed to share knowledge of both security vulnerabilities and remedial activities.

We have been building labs for years, but we also have been running community capture the flag games since the beginining of 2019. Our first game started with an online web service that could be pwn3d, we followed this up with guirilla style games being spun up at BSIDES confiderences in the UK. We’ve now got a dedicated following of players and we’ve run official CTF’s at BSIDES Newscastle 2019 and BSIDES Leeds 2020.

If you are interested in using CTF games for education, a conference or simply some good team building fun please get in contact and we will be happy discuss how we can support this!

If you want to see some of our CTF content or our educational videos check our our youtube channel: PwnDefend

We spin games up and down, each one is hand crafted for the occasion. Currently we have a “not a game GAME” warmup CTF online:


It’s a collection of challenges, some can be solved simply by using a web browser, so get involved! CTF is for everyone!