We move around in many places, we sit in plain sight, you might know we are there, or you might not. We work in the shadows, yet we shine a light. You see we’ve been inside your networks; we’ve sat in your cabs, we’ve worked with your teams. We have read you annual reports and we’ve mapped your company; we do this in a way that often you can’t even see.

Where others try to pwn for profit we give out information for free, where others sell snake oil, we call them out. With my fellow white hats, we move so far in the light you often cannot even see us. We have many names and many groups, whilst others scream into the market, we move silently. Whilst others call out problems that only “their” solution can solve we share information that enables the people to defend.

People are at the heart of all systems

Without knowledge there is darkness

With light there is knowing

With knowing there can be change

With change we can defend against the darkness

Together we can defend harder

We are the hackers from the light

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