KB4551762 (CVE-2020-0796)

A recent information disclosure by Microsoft revealed there is a remote code execution vulneability in the SMB3 services (client and server). This vulnerability could be leveraged in a simmilar manner to MSBLASTER/NACHI/WannaCry etc.

This is a CRITICAL vulnerability, yet currently there are no reports of this being exploite in the wild (epect that the change in the near future)

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Internet Presence Technology and Security Management

Living on the internet in the digital age

I have watched enough technology deployments occur over the last 20 years to have learnt a thing or two. One constant I find is the perception that deploying and technology in a business environment is ‘simple and easy’. However, history and experience teach us that this simply isn’t the case. Whilst working on a project recently I thought I would try and show this in terms of looking at foundational technology and security management capabilities regarding internet presence. In this post I’m going to outline a look at foundational capabilities for Domain Registrar, DNS and internet preens management. Read more “Internet Presence Technology and Security Management”


Active Directory Security: Securing the crown jewels with PingCastle…

Securing the crown jewels

At the heart of most organisations are a Windows server active directory domain (or multiple of these), yet one of the most common findings when we review organisations security postures are there are significant weaknesses in their active directory deployments, both from an architectural, operational and security perspectives.

Active directory provides a range of functionality to organisations, from authentication, authorisation as well as supporting services such as printer and share listing, DNS, people/information lookups and integration for 3rd party services. It’s the very hub that links most modern networked systems together and now it’s expanded beyond the corporate walls into the cloud with integration into Azure Directory Services as part of Azure or Office 365.

Essentially Active Directory can be considered a castle whereby crown jewels are held! This may be in the form of credentials/identity or by nature of granting access to business systems that hold sensitive data (such as using AD integration to log into an HR or Finance system). Read more “Active Directory Security: Securing the crown jewels with PingCastle”


Try Hack Me – Part 6: Rise of the…

In this latest room (box) we take on Skynet! This box has a cool theme and was fun to play through.

This room starts to move away from the guided path and has far fewer flags, but it retains more than just a two-task approach to keep the person thinking about the types of vulnerability. I’m thinking it might be cool to ask defensive questions as well (something I might add into my room I’m building).

Well we don’t have time to waste, the machines might rise up and judgement day occur so let’s get pwning! Read more “Try Hack Me – Part 6: Rise of the Machines”


Tech Tip: Simple Python3 HTTPS Server

Today’s tip is a quick post on how to create self signed HTTPS web services in python for when you need to transfer a file fast! Now in a live environment you are likely going to need to use a CA signed service such as LetsEncrypt etc. otherwise your clients will get a warning (or they will just click Accept and Continue etc. as most people do! However this is a quick post to show how to use Python3 to host http and https services for staging payloads etc.

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Try Hack Me: Part 5 – Game Zone

Getting my agent on!

Today we look at a vulnerable web application room based upon the Hitman series!

This is a fun room where we see an old but common vulnerability in untrusted user input lead to sensitive information disclosure (hashed credentials) which results in a threat actor gaining initial access. From here we then discover there is a weak security configuration (in effective network segmentation) and a vulnerable unpatched service. This chain leads to total system compromise. Read more “Try Hack Me: Part 5 – Game Zone”


Try Hack Me part 4: Alfred

To the bat cave and fetch me some tea!

Welcome back everyone! Today we are posting a walkthrough of the ALFRED room on TryHackThis!

This is a fun room; it’s got real world technology deployed and the paths are exactly what you might find IRL! Attacking commonly deployed enterprise products is something that I really enjoy seeing on a learning platform and CTF as I think this equips people for realistic scenarios both from an offensive and defensive perspective! Right, so let’s hop to it! “Alfred I need a laptop and some tea!” Read more “Try Hack Me part 4: Alfred”

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