Working in Cyber security can expose you to all kinds of information. I’m an offensive and defensive security architect and occasional (haha that’s daily right!) pew pew slinger (pentester) and I am also a threat intelligence practioner (CTI) (we need The Many Hats Club back!). Which is why sometimes when things appear on the internet I think I decide to take a look.

Yesterday Basterlord (an infamous ransomware operator) published a copy of “Networking Manual v2.0” (which I’ll refer to as “the manual”). So I of course thought we should analyze this and look to see what he was selling for $10 thousand dollars!

I was a a bit (not greatly) surprised when I read the contents…. so much so that I thought it only right that I produce a kind or review but also added defensive guidance in!

24 pages for $10K or if you want another 24 pages which not only look at the overall content of “the manual” but also provide some commentary from an offensive and defensive point of view! After all, to defend against an enemy one must understand the enemy.

So please find a copy of my defensive guidance and thoughts of the manual, hopefully you will see how some cyber attacks really could and can be prevented!

Please use this for defensive purposes, I’d fret about publishing the techniques but honestly this is really basic stuff that literally I could teach my mum to do. if you are under threat from this, I think you honestly need to re-evaluate your understanding of digital safety and security. As you will see.. if you spent 10K on this… it really was all for nothing.

The artwork is kind of cool though.. and I won’t lie… the techniques work but that is more a testament to how bad digital security can be vs how effective the manual is… go take a look!


also if you wanted to learn a bit more about Basterlord head over to this recorded future article: