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Becoming a Cyber Criminal (Pro) – Basic External Attacks

This is an experiment to combine a near real time thread on twitter and a blog… I have no idea if this will work. The premise is, we are conducting a adversary simulation against a target and want to see how this translates into a ‘plain language’ blog/story about how these things work. (I’ve also not included sales/scoping/documentaiton and clearly not all of this is in real time) but it is real!

The Fundamental Steps

Ok so first thing is first – the criminal part is a joke! We are here to help people. What we are going to do however is consider the general cyber threat landscape, look at the organisation from an ‘external threat actor’ perspective and then see what we can map out from an attack surface point of view.

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Using Open Source Intelligence in cool and scary ways

OSINT all the things!

I was on Twitter the other day (when am I not? 😉) and a post caught me eye, an industry friend’s post caught my eye, challenging the audience to identify their location (specifically which station they are at!), this I thought might be a cool challenge. The first post below is from Paul (Gaming Works) which gives a limited amount of information and a nice image:

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