Useful for a range of defensive and offensive purposes, internet asset search platforms enable a range of activities from:

  • Research & Trend Analysis
  • Vulnerability Hunting
  • Attack Surface Mapping

Each has its own interfaces, features, dataset sand styles.

I’ve put together a list of the most popular, there may be more that I haven’t listed.

Western Internet Asset Search Tools

Eastern Internet Asset Search Tools

Get Hunting

Global Map with Confluence Servers from Shodan

Just like google crawls webpages, these search ports, services, fingerprints, and metadata. They enable you to understand attack surfaces, technology deployments and gain a range of insights into the world of the internet without sending active packets. You can also augment tools with data from these, I often use Maltego and Shodan to perform recon, analysis and conduct research using visualisation to support discovery and analysis.

Maltego Graph Enirched with Shodan Data