I love sharing content, ideas, thoughts, theories and hopefully some of the things i’ve picked up along my career so far! I imagine most people wouldn’t say I had a traditional approach to consulting and my content sharing approach is generally quite simmilar, so in a mad moment a week ago I decided to see if I could go through the Comptia Pentest+ course. Why did I decide to do this you ask! Well that’s a bit more complex…

Firstly numero uno, I did this because I often get asked what courses, exams or paths I recomend for people to take, people are often very interested in what bits of paper they can wave about to help their careers (that’s not a dig at the paper or question that’s my way of saying relax, its a bit of paper and having one whilst is an achievment doesn’t make u all knowing and all powerful (or ‘better’ than anyone else)). So this was my way of gaining more first hand knowledge in this space (I’m not a fan of the ‘my firiend says or i read a Gartner report’ approach to opinions/advice).

So objective one was to help other people by enabling myself to have a first hand opinion. Objective two, I have looked at alot of content and done a few training courses over the years so I wanted to be able to give people a more in depth view than just writing a blog that says.. look at me I did an exam blah blah blah. The idea quickly became, let’s share my notes 🙂 yay we like sharing.

Finaly objective 3 was to lure you all into my honepyot so you can send me all your coinz! haha only kidding! I’ve done this for love not money!

So without further woffle, here’s the link to my draft notebook, it’s not finished and maybe it never will be, but it’s a starting point (this did say pint when i first wrote it – dyslexia is fun 😀 )! go out there do courses, practise in labs, explore, share, create! your best weapon in showing what you can do is to do something to share knowledge with others (and by all means collect all the certs if you feel that will help you)

I need to update the PDF version so I’ve changed the link below to the WEB version. I’ll drop a new PDF at some point in the future!

I hope this is of some use to the world!

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