Many of you will know I’m a massive fan of learning all the things, but also I’m a huge fan of sharing intel, knowledge and experiances because I know when you are starting in a field, the world can seem too big to know things! So to this end, I’ve put together a quick list of tools that I believe are required you have some knowledge of for the PenTest+.

Where possible links to tools and download locations have been provided. Clearly you can deploy a security testing distro such as Kali Linux, Parrot etc. buy you may want to simply install Ubunt or use Windows and WSL 2.

Open Source Intelligence Gathering Tools

Network and Vulnerability Scanning Tools

Credential Testing Tools

Debugging Tools

Software Assurance Tools

Wireless Testing

Web Proxy Tools

Social Engineering Tools

Remote Access Tools

Network Tools

Mobile Tools

Misc Tools


Now there’s some tools here that are old, some I wouldn’t personally use as in my opinion there are better ones out there but.. all of the tools here can be used during penetration testing excercises, the tools aren’t the be all and end all, checking the controls and giving the good advice and helping people improve their security posture is the important part, after all a fool with a tool is still a tool!

Hopefully this helps some people who don’t just want to deploy Kali and have the tools pre-installed. I again use a mixture of Offensive ditrubutions and custom builds for tooling. Hell I also am known to go offensive on just a windows box alone đŸ™‚

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