Subdomain Enumeration is a key part to security testing from an internet facing perspective. Today we are going to install Subfinder on a Windows Server.


Launch a command prompt

go get -v github.com/projectdiscovery/subfinder/v2/cmd/subfinder

subfinder -d pwndefend.com

Now remember we haven’t loaded any API keys in. So remember to modify the config.yaml file with keys if you want to leverage additional external data enrichment:


Useful commands

subfinder -v -all -d pwndefend.com -o subdomains.txt Enumerate all the target domain and output to a file
subfinder -v -all -dL targets.txt -o subdomains.txt Enumerate all the target list and output to a file


Subfinder is just one of many subdomain tools you will want to use. Subdomain enumeration is much an art as it is a science, you will likely never get every subdomain from a black box perspective. If you are aiming to be efficient you can always do both a black box discovery and get a DNS database export so you can see the gaps.

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