I’m sitting here drinking a cup of tea and thought I’d jot down some of the things I tend to think about. I figured this might help people consider aspects of “cyber” that they might not have considered before.

  • Enabling the future generation of cyber defenders
  • How to navigate into the future without creating the same outcomes we are seeing today
  • Ensuring laws, policies and standards are fit for the future
  • Ensuring the broad population as an appropriate, realistic, and factual view of what “Cyber” means from a world perspective but also to themselves, their families and society
  • Crippling technical debt, the impact of technical debt on cyber defences both locally and from a national perspective
  • The financial impact of cyber negatives vs the cost of embedded good cyber practises within organisations
  • Cyber Security and national security, getting the balance between security, privacy, and safety right
  • Helping the world see beyond cyber as simple a risk management capability
  • Do our “cyber leaders” have what it takes to define and lead on policies for a generation born into the internet?
  • Do we communicate why diversity is so important regarding cyber capabilities in a manner which doesn’t alienate the audience or purpose?
  • Why does an MP think the internet is only 10 years old in 2022? Has the technology industry failed to educate upwards in an appropriate manner?
  • Offensive Cyber, is there enough talk and transparency about what this looks like, or by existing in the shadows are we simply magnifying the “Jason Bourne” cyber effect?
  • How do we balance cyber-crime fighting between big game financial criminal activity takedowns and fighting cybercrime for the everyday person?
  • How do we develop of national cyber view? How do we make sure cyber initiatives at a country scale deliver value for a country’s citizens?
  • Operating in cyber space without causing an escalation in the physical domain

I will probably revist some of these as blog topics in the future, however I think these sort of topics are important to consider. How we deploy and leverage technology now and in the future matters, not just for our robot friends but for socierty, our friends and families.