Currently I’d list some of the major challenges we face as a civilisation as the following (clearly not exhaustive etc.)

  • The general population largely don’t understand cyber
  • Lots of people think there is nothing they can really do
  • People have shockingly bad personal cyber security
  • A large number of organisations have shockingly poor cyber security postures
  • People’s passwords are often ridiculously weak
  • People re-use passwords all the time
  • People seem to believe we have “magic nation state cyber shields”
  • Organisation’s largely do not invest adequately in cyber security

The more technology we deploy and integrate/depend upon the worse the problem is getting.

Therefore, I believe when Cyber Events/Incidents/Attacks/Breaches occur, it’s important how we communicate through the media and to the wider population. The things put out can influence the way people perceive cyber which can then influence:

  • How they operate personally
  • How they govern and operate organisations
  • How they operate in the workplace
  • How national policies are formed and promoted by governments

When we have major events, I think it’s important that we don’t rush to be first on the news, that we don’t make too many grand speculations and that we don’t add to the level of fear under certainty and doubt that already plagues the industry and society when it comes to cyber.