Here are a list of common questions we believe we will receive, but feel free to get in contact if we are missing something obvious 🙂

Why is it called threat week?

Threat week sounded cool and most weeks we see new threats

Is there a specific week for threat week?

No yet but maybe in the future

Is the service free?

Yes but we also have tailored services which incur fees

How do you secure our data?

Please see our data privacy policy, we take a large number of steps to keep your data private

How often will we receive threat updates?

We are intending to provide a weekly update, however we may release out of band or delay posting. We’ll see how it goes

What do we get for the paid for services?

We are working on the details of that space. For now we are just offering the free service. Any comments, feedback suggestions would be welcome.

How do I unsubscribe

Click the unsubscribe button

You missed a vulnerability and I got pwn3d, is that your fault?

They are your systems, not ours. We are sad to see you have been breached but we are here trying to help, not solve every security issue you may have

Who pays for threat week’s website, content creation etc.

Xservus and PSTG Limited sponsor the site, the free services are supported by our subscribers and our other service revenues.