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CVE-2021-22005 – vCenter RCE


Protecting admin interfaces is a really good idea, network segmentation however is one thing that many organisations struggle with. Most networks are what we call flat. They may be carved up into VLANs but generally speaking, in a lot of networks if you are “inside” then you have full access across the TCP/IP space.

Now here we are talking about the internal attack surface, so a threat actor would need network routable access which should not be the case for things like vcenter interfaces from the internet, however it appears that’s not really exactly how the world works.

Let’s look in Shodan! Read more “CVE-2021-22005 – vCenter RCE”

Threat Intel

July Threat Update

Welcome to another Threat Week update, today we are going to look at some of the active threats in the wild and in the news.

Top Threats

Attack Vectors

Common attack vectors are still the usual suspects. Phishing, drive by infections, insecure internet exposed services (e.g. FTP, RDP, SSH, web services etc.) We’ve seen phishing attacks using legitimate services such as Zoho CRM to hijack their mail domain to bypass mail filters, so again good education plus technical controls are the best defence against these attacks.

Firewall Analysis

Xservus run a vulnerable lab which hosts honeypots, web services and is used to detect threats. The following graph showcases external threats detected. Read more “July Threat Update”