Threat Intel

breaking news: Royal mails international tracking services are down and have been for > 24 hours:

The ICO have been contacted! The NCSC and NCA have been contacted! What should you do?

Probably worry less about the Royal Mail (hugs to the cyber defenders responding!) and think about your own Cyber Security posture! 😉 (oh come on it’s a bit true isn’t it!)

There’s little CTI on the Royal Mail incident (lockbit posted this) at the time I write this (it might not be an attack, it could be a fault etc. but the ICO, NCA and NCSC being contacted make “just a fault” seem unlikely)

The Incident appears to affect the track and trace app:

The actual update from Royal Mail is here: Service Updates from Royal Mail today

But what can you think about? Well there’s some blogs I’ve written recently that might help you:

But what else can we think about?

See , loads of goodies! How is your cyber security posture looking? When is the last time you did some testing? when’s the last time you drilled a response? you never know when you might need to respond for real! be safe peoples!