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Everyone knows about cyber chef, right? Well, I can tell you now that my misses knows so if you don’t now’s a great time to get to know! Cyber Chef is a tool created by GCHQ distrubted via an apache license that’s hosted on GitHub or you can download and run locally.

To start let’s head over to the site:

Here we have the main areas:

  • Operations (a menu of functions)
  • Recipe (where you can drag and drop features in order)
  • Input (where you add the input data)
  • Output (where the output goes)

Now I love exploration, so this is a just a taster, you’ll need to go exploring to find out more!

For now, let’s write a secret message in the Input area:

Now let’s select the To Base64 (fyi this is encoding not encryption so don’t use this thinking you can send messages securely in base64 (it can be used before encryption though):

We drag “To Base64” into the Recipe area (now by default auto bake is enabled)

And now we can see out text has been base64 encoded!

Fantastic, you have now taken your first steps into using cyber chef!

There are tons of amazing features, a great one to use is MAGIC (this attempts to make a guess on the type of input e.g. what format the input is)
Be safe, be secure and get baking with cyber chef!

Magic on Steroids!

Just got informed of another cool AF tool which is reported as faster, more feature rich etc. than the MAGIC function so also check this out:

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