Back in 2019 I started to make some materials to help people with some basic offensive security techniques. I made three eppisodes of training materials. Well I’ve decided to re-release these, they haven’t really been changed but I’ve updated a few graphics on episode 3 and removed a link to Cain and Abel because it’s no longer maintained. I will probably go through these at some point and re-factor them.

I’ve got more documents on active directory security, I’ve actually written hundreds of pages on the subject but the challenge I’ve had is there is just so much to write, so I’ve decided I’m going to chunk it up into small blogs on a specific technique or area.

Rather than self host these I’ve put them into the PwnDefend GitHub on a public repo:

If anyone has any specific topics they are interested in (and that i’ve got skills – FYI my reverse engineering is crappy!) then drop a note in the comments and i’ll see if I can put something together!

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