Ok so this isn’t just for CISO’s but it’s a tool to help organisations think more holistically about cyber security and some of the foundational elements required to align cyber security capabilities with the business.

Key areas of challenge we find inside organisations of all shapes and sizes include:

  • Lack of business alignment
  • Weak capability maturity
  • High levels of technical debt
  • Missing cyber capabilities
  • Lack of resources (money)
  • Lack of skills and training
  • Lack of time/human capacity
  • Lack of specialist knowledge
  • Often there is a lack of financial management (portfolio management) with regard to security capabilities

So to help people we have put together a quick excel tool to help people get a quick view on their current state. It’s not a maturity assessment, a health check or a deep analysis. But it’s some key metrics that help support the business goveranance and planning process with regard to leading and managing cyber security capabilities of an organisation.

The tool is not locked, feel free to customise it, but please ensure it is attributed to PwnDefend as the starting positon. Hope this helps people! May the cyber force be with you!

also don’t forget we’ve made a range of tools to help people including:

and loads more, keep checking the blog!