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Aggressively Defending Information Systems

Taking a more active approach

You may have seen my post on hacking back and how it’s a nightmare that screams inexperience when I hear it (don’t get me wrong there are very limited times when it might be useful from a national defence perspective/intelligence services but that isn’t really ‘hacking back’ in my book, they are already working that space so it’s not a retaliation) however I’ve been spurred on this morning by a tweet I saw from @1njection:

After tweeting a quick reply, I thought I had put together a quick blog on aggressive active defences! (not wordy much). Read more “Aggressively Defending Information Systems”


Field Notes – Just Patch

Windows update stuck at 0% download status

Often is we find an environment missing software updates it’s easy for someone without hands on experience to say, ‘just patch’. Outside of change requests, outside of authorisation, maintenance windows, roll back plans, communications etc. there is also the fact that ‘just patching’ isn’t that simple. Even for fairly standard patching tasks using Windows Updates you sometimes hit a snag. Today I’m looking at exactly that issue on a server, so I thought I’d post the steps to resolve an issue but also, I think this is a nice way to highlight the realities of patching.

We show a GUI and command line (PowerShell) method to achieve this result (the PowerShell isn’t fancy but I figured you could go away and upgrade that if you fancied some fun). Windows update sometimes has issues (does not all software!) and it is sometimes that we need to help it along the way, so let’s get too it! Read more “Field Notes – Just Patch”


Extortion and Ransomware – A lethal Combination

A Brief History of Ransomware

Ransomware is not that new, I remember back during the msblaster incident I said to a friend, it is a good job whoever wrote this worm was not evil because they would have simply encrypted or deleted all the data post infection. Hell, I can barely remember when that was, I think it was late 2003. Ransomware has been around since the 1980s but not quite in its modern form (it started with the AIDS malware scam). Fast forward to the mid 2000’s and criminals were using encryption but that wasn’t a norm and things only really started to take a bad turn around 2012/2013 with Cryptolocker. The next major global events were WannaCry, NotPetya and Badrabbit. Read more “Extortion and Ransomware – A lethal Combination”


Everything must be agile but is that really always…

A lot of people talk about AGILE but the normally mean ‘agile’ however when it comes to security testing and penetration testing (to me there is most certainly a difference) we need to be mindful of the different approaches, so we select the right one for the context, scenario, and objectives.

In this post we take a brief look at what we recommend for a range of scenarios and we look at the key differences and what some constraints might mean when it comes to approach selection.

Read more “Everything must be agile but is that really always the best way?”
Living without FEAR, UNCERTAINTY & DOUBT Defense

Lack of HTTPS does not automatically mean that you…

An industry mainly filled with good people but too many sharks

It’s becoming more and more common, I see content posted online, I hear people in meetings (hell I’ve been invited into some ‘opportunities’) and the basic theme seems to be:

  • Fill your profile with as many buzzwords as possible
  • Try and make your organisation seems legit and have links to the police and security services
  • Call out crazy stuff like the lack of HTTPS as “TOTALLY COMPROMISED”
  • Ignore science
  • Post sales adverts under Security Services and Police posts to leach ‘authority’
  • Constantly use statistics to back up their position
  • Use social swarming (multiple people from the same company will rally around to defend/attack someone who questions the narrative)
Read more “Lack of HTTPS does not automatically mean that you are “totally compromised”!”

mRr3b00t’s pentest 101 draft notebook

I love sharing content, ideas, thoughts, theories and hopefully some of the things i’ve picked up along my career so far! I imagine most people wouldn’t say I had a traditional approach to consulting and my content sharing approach is generally quite simmilar, so in a mad moment a week ago I decided to see if I could go through the Comptia Pentest+ course. Why did I decide to do this you ask! Well that’s a bit more complex…

Read more “mRr3b00t’s pentest 101 draft notebook”

Learn all the things!

Many of you will know I’m a massive fan of learning all the things, but also I’m a huge fan of sharing intel, knowledge and experiances because I know when you are starting in a field, the world can seem too big to know things! So to this end, I’ve put together a quick list of tools that I believe are required you have some knowledge of for the PenTest+.

Where possible links to tools and download locations have been provided. Clearly you can deploy a security testing distro such as Kali Linux, Parrot etc. buy you may want to simply install Ubunt or use Windows and WSL 2. Read more “Learn all the things!”


Perimeter Security Vendor Hell – Unauthenticated RCE’s and other…


If your can’t take an honest view on real challegnes we face you probably want to click the back button now!
The three laws of IT apply:

  • Software has bugs
  • Hardware breaks
  • Humans Make Mistakes

It doens’t mean however we shoulnd’t strive to do better! so now that’s out of the way here’s a fast blog on shit you should care about and patch (if you haven’t already!)

Also please note these are not ALL the vulnerabilities you should care about, just some choice ones that are enough to make you cry!


“Don’t worry, we’ve got that behind a firewall or VPN!” is something I’ve heard a lot over the years, which to be honest is starting to look more and more worrying. Think that’s just me giving my opinion? Well think again, here we have collated SOME of the vulnerabilities in security products which if unpatched/mitigated really leave you. well quite insecure!

Read more “Perimeter Security Vendor Hell – Unauthenticated RCE’s and other crazy you didn’t want in your security devices!”